Wee Play’s primary fundraising event is the annual Ree Play Sale. We collect gently used children’s items (clothing, toys, gear, etc.) and host a giant three day tag sale at the University Settlement Camp in Beacon. There is also a daily bake sale component, with donated homemade goodies and coffee to fuel our shoppers. It’s worth coming to the sale even if only for the delicious homemade snacks!

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the motto of the event which generates tremendous community enthusiasm and is as much a community builder as a fundraiser. The sale is entirely run by volunteers and is a huge labor of love. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of – as a volunteer, a donor, or a shopper!

100% of proceeds from the annual sale go directly back into the community via parks, playgrounds and children’s programming in the city of Beacon. Please check our Facebook page for the most current information on the Ree Play Sale:

Facebook Ree Play Sale Group


As much time as you’re able to contribute, ANY amount is appreciated. Children of all ages are always welcome to come play at the camp while their grown-ups are volunteering.


• Help sorting, pricing and organizing donated items at the camp. Shifts last 1-2 hrs (or more if you’re able!) Invite a friend or two! It’s easy and fun to socialize with other parents while the kids play and you sort.


• This position is ideally for seasoned volunteers who have helped sort and price in previous years. You will be in charge of opening and closing the University Settlement Camp theater to accept donations during sorting shifts.

• Direct volunteers with sorting & pricing procedures and implement pre-shopping guidelines for any purchases.


• Hang flyers at various locations around town (main street shops, grocery stores, laundromats, karate studios, dance studios, pre-schools, daycares, etc.)


• Work a shift at the cash register during the sale.

• Assist customers and straighten goods.

• Help implement fill-a-bag size guidelines.


• Bake goodies for the delicious bake sale happening daily throughout the sale.

• Work a shift at the bake sale table (the most delicious place to be!)


• Help pack up and clean the camp after the sale.

• Help distribute remaining items to local charity organizations.

To volunteer for any position or get more info, please contact Danielle: danielle@weeplayproject.org

Wee Play could not make the Ree Play Sale happen without the commitment of so many in our community. As a perk, volunteers get to PRE-SHOP THE SALE before it officially opens on April 26. Whether a seasoned volunteer or a newbie, we’re grateful for your support and we encourage everyone to join in the fun! Please review the pre-shopping guidelines below to take advantage of this wonderful benefit.


The benefit of sorting is that you are allowed to “pre-shop” – you can purchase items that you like before the sale starts if you volunteer.

• All individuals who volunteer in any capacity for the Ree Play Sale are eligible for pre-shopping benefits (including those who help hang sale fliers etc.)

• Pre-shopping takes place during the weeks prior to the sale as donations are received and sorted up at the camp.

• Price lists and pre-shopping forms are located at the front desk area inside the camp.

• All pre-shopping clothing items are to be sold from the price list or as individually marked.

•’Fill-a-Bag’ is not available for pre-shopping.

• Each time you pre-shop, you must complete a form with shift hours listed,  your contact information and a list of all items you are purchasing.

• Items cannot be reserved. 

• We ask that you please pay for your pre-shopping items on the day you volunteer/pre-shop. Cash is preferred, although checks and credit cards also accepted.

• A designated Volunteer Coordinator or Wee Play board member MUST SIGN your pre-shopping form indicating payment for items BEFORE you can take them home. Please do not ask us to make exceptions.

• All sales are final. We do not accept returns even if you change your mind on pre-shopping items.

• ALL pre-shopping payments must be received before the last day of the sale (Sunday, April 28, 2019) or you will incur an additional fee.

• Please consult a Wee Play board member if you have any questions.