Introducing The Wee Woods!

A multi-phase expansion of the Wee Play Tot Park & Playground in Beacon, NY.

Buy a Tree, Grow a Playground!

Wee Play Community Project has partnered with environmental designer Bryan Quinn of One Nature, to create a Nature Playground as part of a multi-phase expansion of the Wee Play Tot Park in Memorial Park. In collaboration with the City of Beacon and the Beacon Recreation Department, Phase 1 installation will begin October 2017.

Phase 1: Help us Grow!

A grove of Poplar trees will become an exciting and important element of our new Nature Playground, providing the stage for imagination to take hold! Children will be inspired to create games and find adventure within this grid of fast growing, Eastern Cottonwood trees.

Buy a tree for $100 or more and your name will appear on the Forest Map inside the Wee Woods in recognition of your contribution. Support this effort as a family, group of kids, business, or in honor of someone!

To arrange payment via CASH or CHECK or for more information, please email:

More about how this project began…

Last year Wee Play conducted a survey to find out what improvements the community wished to see at the Wee Play Tot Park & Playground. A majority of respondents indicated a desire for less plastic and more natural elements, climbing options, and unstructured nature play areas. Nature playgrounds are surprisingly simple, safe, and affordable and research has shown there are many benefits to kids playing creatively in nature. Concentrating our efforts on creating a Nature Playground felt like a logical next step for the expansion of our beloved city park.

Wee Play reached out to environmental designer and local resident Bryan Quinn of One Nature for help coming up with affordable, creative solutions utilizing open space at Memorial Park. The result is an environmentally sustainable, multi-phase expansion plan. We are currently fundraising for Phase 1 of this project. A grove of poplar trees, willow plantings for growing a tunnel and a new sandbox will all be coming to the Wee Woods at Memorial Park as part of Phase 1. We aim to continue with additional phases in years to come.

You can experience some of One Nature’s other local projects by visiting Beacon’s Pop-Up Park on the corner of Cross and Main Street, or Safe Harbors Green in Newburgh.

Renderings and Plans of Wee Woods Project (click to view larger)

wee-woods-render wee-woods-plan

One Nature integrates ecology and art to create landscapes that benefit the planet. We work at all scales, from large watershed studies to small residential gardens. Our projects are united by an adherence to place-based solutions and a commitment to environmental ethics.

For more information about One Nature:

Highlands Current: Lots of Green

On behalf of Wee Play Community Project and the City of Beacon, we thank you for your support of this exciting new phase in our development!

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